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I'm stressed out!  My house is closing escrow probably two weeks earlier than expected.  I can't believe this.  I have to get down to the house this weekend and dispose of my appliances down there and cleaning out whats left of the disaster of the garage.  I'm sad though, its the end of that chapter of my life.  Once that house is gone, I will finally have no ties left to that area, other than my friends there.  I have a million memories racing through my head since I heard the escrow was closing early...all the times in that house, the memories of life down there.  Its weird and kind of sad.  I'm happy to be closing this part of my life, there is so much more to be written.  And so it goes...(RIP)

On the bright side, I'm shopping for my new car.  Yay.  Have it narrowed down to a few models, but am stuck between buying used and leasing new but I hate new cars.  

Enough depressing bullshit...off to work with me.

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Why am i dancing today.  I'm almost ready...5 pounds of cowrie shells and hair falls, 10 pounds of turkamon and 5 pounds rajisthani embroidery and mirrors and one-50 pound hangover.   And, indeed, harem pants are the MOST unflattering item I own.

I'm so stressed about this stupid performance and I opened my big mouth and said something stupid last night.  I am a jerk! I think I need to blow these people out of the water...may I will do Juno Reactor.

Off to try not to soaked in the rain.

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What is it with spring.  I love spring.  Some of my favorite floral fineries bloom in the spring.  But, over the last three days, its been hell.  Old bad dates crawling out of the woodwork to make contact with me.  Were they not paying attention the first time around when we had either a. nothing in common, b. no chemistry, c. personal drama, d. all of the above or any combination thereto.  These rejects of my dating pool have come seething out of the ground, drifting into my atmosphere through text messages and emails like some spores being released from some vial, poinsonous plant.  Why I ask you, why?  

I'm going to BAGG to drink and seek answers.  Thanks for playing.

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Sometimes I even amaze myself.  I booked a gig for this Saturday.  Um...Why?  I haven't performed in almost two months, yet a combination of guilt, boredom, emo, rebeliousness caused me to agree to perform this Saturday....afternooon.  Afternoon!!!!  I'm used to performing in dark venues where the booze is flowing not outdoor, afternoon festivals.  Holy CRAP.  So, now I have four days to either come up with some new stuff...hmmm, maybe a new sword dance is in order???  Or, fall back on the same old crap because I know it.  Can one really have too much Dead can Dance?  Decisions, decisions.

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Poor Kasey. For those of you not in the know, Kasey is my beloved dog. His ear infection is back with a vengance and I need a veterinarian recommendation. He doesn't have a doctor yet but desperately needs one. Preferably, someone with experience with giant breed dogs as my little baby tips the scales at 140 lbs.

Please hit reply with any vet recommendations!

Tanya and Kasey

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