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Sick and tired... - dancingspazz
Sick and tired...
Ugh...I have spent an entire day in bed watching movies...here's what i've learned...

Children of Men...excellent, don't watch when emo...its a little disturbing
300...awesome...everyone needs to see this
Premonition...its like a creepy groundhog day...don't bother
The Reaping...yuck, it was horrible

I still have a fever so on tomorrow's agenda is Disturbia, hopefully Zodiac...and I'm not sure what else I can get my hands on that's out right now.

I hate being sick.  I have a wonderful roommate who takes good care of  me, but whenever i'm sick like this I realize how lonely I am.

Current Location: bed
Current Mood: crappy crappy
Current Music: still can't hear shit!

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